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Combining art with design, and poetry with play, to create tactile and responsive experiences. Delight and engagement on a visceral level, through a journey of colliding realities and impossible worlds.

Featured Projects

Bowie Bots

This series of original artworks invites us to imagine the new personas David Bowie would have embraced in his immortal existence through a series of cybernetic resurrections. Renowned for transcending conventional identities through his innate ability for fluid change, David Bowie defied the confines of the mortal realm, transcending time and space. Infused with Bowie’s diverse interests, passions, and experiences, his spirit serves as the guarding force in the exploration of the ever-evolving nature of self.


A series of works inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice books; a profound influence on Alex’s life and artistic career. Key figures from the Alice universe are reimagined through semi-abstract works and character studies, merging whimsy with wonder, interweaving dark undertones with elements of hope and light.


A pioneering and award winning augmented reality art exhibition that reimagines classic paintings for 21st Century at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The exhibition provided a powerful commentary between past and present through the technological and conceptual juxtaposition of realities, garnering well-over 300 pieces of international press, a three year extension from it’s initial intended 4 month run and attracted Apple CEO for a personal tour of the show.


A compilation showreel that combines both art and commercial work up to 2021

They Say

"I’ve been lucky enough to work with Alex on a few projects, and thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him. Alex is full of ideas, has a wonderful imagination and delivers beautiful, original work."

Peter Gabriel International Rock Star and Activist

"Very impressive work!"

Tim Cook CEO of Apple

"Alex Mayhew lives and creates in the Multi-Present. Through his art, he sees - and challenges us to see - a multiplicity of possible realities and experiences in the moment. Fixed reality falls away, elements move and evolve and dissolve; relationships are formed and realized, transformations occur before our eyes. With his AR art show at the AGO, Alex activates smart devices as windows on a multitude of animated visions of traditional artworks that confront, confound, delight and entertain the viewer. When you gaze through Alex's magic window, you will see the world as he sees it: vivid, liquid, alive with imagination and possibilities; it is the Future that is here with us now."

Robert Gould President & Owner at Imaginosis

"a revelation (in every sense). An actual window on other realities, dreams, the imagination, and delight. If you have ever wondered if there are new ways of creating beauty, then you need to see this work."

Alan Snow Creator of BoxTrolls