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A digital intervention art exhibition that disrupts the traditional gallery viewing experience through an impactful commentary between past and present.

The Exhibtion

Commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario and launched in 2017, classic works of art were layered with an alternate re-imagining using augmented reality providing a contemporary frame of reference for visitors to connect with depictions of the past. This approach is immediate, direct and plays on a deep human desire for exploration and discovery.
Each intervention provides a unique commentary based on research into the original works, all with consultation from the curators and the education & outreach team at the AGO.
ReBlink proved to be very successful inspiring pause, reflection and wonder through self-directed journey of discovery.


GOLD International MUSE Award (American Alliance of Museums)
International WEBBY Nomination for Best Use of Augmented Reality
300+ media stories
2M+ online video views
15+ national markets
national & international radio & tv
14 international pop-up exhibitions

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they say:

“You’ll never look at a centuries-old oil painting the same way again!”

Mark Wilson from FastCo Design

"Very impressive work!"

Tim Cook CEO of Apple

"You really MUST experience ReBlink! The exhibit is incredibly thoughtful & well executed. So many hidden details to discover that absolutely delight! A wonderful example of Augmented Reality"

Helen Papagiannis Author of “Augmented Human“

"I took all 200 of our students to the AGO specifically for your exhibit. They loved it. I’ve never seen a group of students more interested in art and more interested in discussing the original art piece as well as the social commentary on your modern twist. It was wonderful. I hope the gallery commissions you to do more as I think it will bring in more and more of our younger generation."

Stav Bosotas: teacher at J B Tyrrell Senior Public School

"[ReBlink] far exceeded my expectations… not only in terms of the project itself but the intuitive response most people have about the potential for more."

Stephan Jost Director of the AGO

"Past and present elements mingle on the screen, pushing the visitor to reflect on what has changed and what has remained the same… a stimulating and ironic short circuit that communicates the art of the past with the new generations."

Valentina Tanni Art critic for Art Tribune, Italy

"a revelation (in every sense). An actual window on other realities, dreams, the imagination, and delight. If you have ever wondered if there are new ways of creating beauty, then you need to see this work."

Alan Snow Creator of BoxTrolls

ReBlink Plus

See ReBlink’s experimental spin off project that explores how AR enabled Art can extend beyond the physical realms of the museum.

ReBlink Hightlights