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Fine Art

Lex Fine Art represents a captivating fusion where tradition intertwines with technology, inviting viewers on a journey of engagement and introspection. By seamlessly embracing traditional artistic methods like drawing, the intricate application of gold leaf, and the art of collage, Alex pays homage to time-honoured techniques. Simultaneously, the artist fearlessly embraces the possibilities afforded by modern advancements, incorporating cutting-edge elements such as digital painting, iterative AI, and electronics. This harmonious marriage of old and new ignites a profound connection with the audience, stimulating both contemplation and active participation, ultimately transcending the boundaries of artistry and leaving an indelible impression.

Bowie Bots

This series of original artworks invites us to imagine the new personas David Bowie would have embraced in his immortal existence through a series of cybernetic resurrections. Renowned for transcending conventional identities through his innate ability for fluid change, Bowie defied the confines of the mortal realm, transcending time and space. Infused with Bowie’s diverse interests, passions, and experiences, his spirit serves as the guarding force in the exploration of the ever-evolving nature of self.


A series of works inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice books; a profound influence on Alex’s life and artistic career. Key figures from the Alice universe are reimagined through semi-abstract works and character studies, merging whimsy with wonder, interweaving dark undertones with elements of hope and light.


A collection of art pieces influenced by nostalgic childhood tales and enduring fascinations