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Apple CEO Tim Cook visits for a personal tour of Alex’s AR art at the AGO

It was a real pleasure to give Tim Cook a tour of my augmented reality art show ReBlink. 
Describing it as "Very impressive work", he was excited to see how AR could be utilized as a powerful tool for artistic story telling and engagement.

Above you can see Tim experiencing his most favourite remix in the show, Astronomy (Luca Giordano 1653–1654)
The work is a celebration of science and technology, showing how far we have come since the hostile and repressive 1600's when evidence based thinking was demonized in Europe by the church.    

Below you can see Tim exploring my remix of Drawing Lots ( George Reid 1888–1902).

Yes, technology has massive benefits such as engagement through AR. However this remix explores how they often as as tools for distraction and can isolate us from those around us...

Here, I am a little nervous showing Tim the remix for Artus Wolffort's  Saint Bartholomew (1616) which depicts a hipster in the new church of a coffee shop staring into the screen of a modified Apple mac book. He seemed to love the irony though.

Since then we have created a version of the remix you can place anywhere and step into.