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Metro Bowie

Metro is the Bowie Bot brought to life by the enduring influence of Fritz Lang’s cinematic masterpiece, Metropolis. David Bowie’s profound connection to the film is evident in the naming of his third album, originally titled Metrobolist, later rebranded as The Man Who Sold the World due to label pressures.

The Diamond Dogs tour saw Bowie creatively draw from Metropolis’ iconic visuals, a testament to the film’s lasting impact on his artistic expression. Bowie’s artistic pilgrimage extended to Berlin, a city chosen for its ties to German expressionism and influential filmmakers like Lang. Reflecting on this period in 2001, Bowie noted, “It was an art form that mirrored life not by event but by mood. This was where I felt my work was going.” Even in his later years,

Bowie’s commitment to Metropolis endured. His attempt to purchase the film’s rights, driven by a desire to restore and reintroduce it to new audiences, underscores his deep and abiding connection to the cinematic classic. In homage to this rich cinematic legacy, Metro, the robot bot, stands as a testament to Bowie’s enduring love for Metropolis and the profound impact it had on his artistic journey — a visual and conceptual marvel echoing the spirit of Bowie’s artistic metamorphosis.


  • Printed Original
  • Limited editions of 25
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Archival giclee print on shimmering museum quality Hahnemühle metallic paper (340gm)