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Golden Angel 2 (Cover Shot)

The Bowie Bots series engages with profound themes, delving into the realms of death, religion, and consciousness prompting contemplation on the transient nature of life and death, urging us to embrace every moment with vitality and to find joy in our existence.

Channeling the spirit of David Bowie’s “Golden Years“, the artwork Golden Angel envisions a flamboyant, sophisticated, and elegantly feminine Bowie featured in a high-end fashion magazine photoshoot. With each pose, he exudes confidence, celebrating his individuality with pride. The imagery captures the essence of the song’s lyrics, echoing Bowie’s call not to let life lead us nowhere. In the world of Golden Angel, Bowie Bot stands as a timeless figure, capable of sticking with us for a thousand years, as promised in the lyrics. The artwork serves as a visual ode to the beauty and wonder of existence, inviting us to revel in the celebration alongside this iconic persona.