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Selected Projects

Ceremony of Innocence

Directed and Design by Alex Mayhew, commissioned by Peter Gabriel, and starring Isabella Rossellini, Paul Mg Gan and Ben Kingsley, Ceremony of Innocence has become known a genre defining digital project that pioneered the successful blending of interactivity with art and story. It won 16 International Awards including 2 Bafta’s and became underground hit with players and critics alike and was cited by JC Herz of the New York Times as 'Practically Defining Multimedia’.


Commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario, ReBlink is a pioneering and award winning augmented reality art exhibition that reimagines classic paintings for 21st Century. It provides a powerful commentary between past and present through the technological and conceptual juxtaposition of realities. The show garnered well over 300 pieces of international press, a three year extension of a show that was only intended to be a 4 month run and attractive Apple CEO for a personal tour of the show.

ReBlink Plus

ReBlink Plus is an experimental spin off project of the successful art show AR art show ReBlink. It explores how the project could be experienced and expanded beyond the physical confines of the art gallery.

Elemental Human

The Elemental Human reflects and celebrates the evolution of the modern human and scientific advancement with a series of 12 holograms commissioned by the innovative health company ReGen Scientific. Each hologram is showcases a critical element of being human, paying homage to its unique role and importance. When displayed together they become a powerful reminder that we are complex systems, where every element is vital and everything is connected.

Time Pieces

A brand new mixed reality art series that explores the nature of time from an emotional, physiological and scientific perspective. The series consists of self contained video art works, and time-released interactive augmented reality works. Via physical gestures, participants can manipulate time its self to explore the hidden stories.

Prospero's Island

A collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the UK and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Prospero’s Island was a hybrid of art, theatre and game concept adapted from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.

Moments in Time

An ever-changing mosaic of moments from just a few of my creations and experiments