Mobile Souls

Mobile Souls is an experience designed for mobile phones with GPS before they even existed. This research project concerned itself with issues of play, discovery and morality. It addresses location and mobility, whilst blending a rich fictional world with the players every day reality. It combines game, service and drama with companionship, character and responsibility.

Players that subscribe to the project will be able to let a series of magical creatures reside on their phone. These creatures are invisible and untouchable although they live in the same world and reality as the players. However, the phone acts as a portal, facilitating the visible manifestations of these creatures and facilitating a platform for the players to interact with them.

This creature may guide the player, play games, entertain them and tell them stories. The player may involve themselves in almost infinite game and entertainment possibilities. We aim for the player to form a deep emotional attachment to their guardian, for them to perceive the creature as almost an extension of themselves.

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