Max Reno crashes his car and sent into a coma. The player enters his subconscious inhabiting Max’s inner dreamer space. From there they can watch the story that lead to his demise, join the multiplayer dreamworld of The Hive or begin the quest to unravel the mysteries of his mind, exploring his hopes and fears, and help Max confront his inner turmoil to wake him up.

Some say that the project was ahead of its time in two ways, firstly it was a gaming concept for non-gamers, secondly because of its convergent media concept that included online video, an online community game and a single player game intended for consoles.

Supported by funding bodies such as NESTA and Media Plus , the project received much interest from some high profile game companies such as Lucas Arts and Sony, however, at the time, the property was considered ‘too different’ and thus presented too much of a risk for the games industry in 2000. Although Dreamer has been ‘laid to rest’ now it’s legacy still very much lives on in a number of projects. It gave birth to the technology project REMworlds and in turn everSPACE.




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