Beethoven’s Hair

Beethoven’s Hair is a convergent media adaptation of the best selling book of the same name that includes a documentary a haunted web site and a mini-game. It explores the strange tale of a lock of Beethoven’s hair taken by a child on the composer’s deathbed that moved through hands and across continents in a global odyssey.

On the web site, the ghost can be summoned in a ritual performed by the user. The ghost lures the user into the body of a somewhat disoriented butterfly from which they can follow the ghost through a surreal world of memories and visions based around Beethoven’s life and his work.

The project was a collaboration with the multi Emmy award winning Xenophile Media (Canada), the Acadamy Award Winning Rhombus Media (Canada) and the CBC (Canada).  The haunting and the game concept was created and built by myself using the remworlds authoring tool, with additional programming by Anthony Eden (Australia)

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