A Xenophile Media transmedia production, Anxietyville is the story of six urban neurotics living technologically accelerated lives in a world that feels increasingly unreal… because it is.  In fact, these people don’t live in the real world at all.

Lured by the promise of a Caribbean Cruise, they all downloaded the CONSUMER HELL app, without reading the terms of use and unwittingly consented to upload their conscious minds into a computer-generated simulation where they are subjected to constant consumer product testing.

The CONSUMER HELL app transports users into a shiny virtual world where the price of entry is entirely free, except for the unrelenting cascade of customized commercials, tailored to and targeted at you.

But one day, a deluge of pop cans rains down from the sky—the first sign that the simulated city is under attack by a malicious computer virus that triggers an operating system shutdown and the end of the virtual world.

Now the residents of Anxietyville will learn that their world is an illusion and their fates, like their consumer preferences, are inextricably intertwined.  Now their only hope is a dangerous journey out of the crumbling city that leads them back to a place they least expected—their true selves.

A sci-fi satire of consumer culture, Anxietyville is steeped in the idiom of infomercials, advertising and apocalyptic prophecy aimed at college kids, Costco shoppers, postmodern posers, and urban hipsters in the 18-35 year old marketing demographic.

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