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ReBlink Plus

"It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame."

Marshall McLuhan

ReBlink’s experimental spin-off project that explores how augmented reality and art can be combined to take to take the collection beyond the physical confines of the art gallery.

Location Specific

The remix of ‘Evisceration of a Roebuck’ was placed in the very location that inspired it, the processed meat section of my local supermarket.

Trough the Looking Glass

We loved how the original ReBlink show presented the visitor with a window into another reality. However, the visitor was always on the outside looking in. We wanted to take it a step further. Here the viewer is actually able to  step into the painting and explore new aspects of the remix, inside looking out. An augmented reality version of a painting can be placed anywhere. The viewer is able to make the remix version appear by shaking their viewing device, essentially shaking up reality.

ReBlink Fashion

An experimental collaboration with the amazing fashion company Dust of Gods. This is just a hint of what is possible with the use of augmented reality in fashion.

ReBlink Cards

ReBlink works well when experienced at different scales. The above videos demonstrate a more intimate experience via a series of printed collectable cards.

ReBlink on the web

Not everyone can get to the Art Gallery of Ontario to have the ReBlink experience. Here we demonstrate how the show can work remotely via the web and a second screen.