For two decades Alex Mayhew has worked internationally for high profile clients and companies across multiple platforms using cutting edge digital media to create iconic, engaging and effective projects that significantly enhance his client’s brand identity.

As a concept designer, developer, producer, and team leader Alex has established himself as an internationally-renowned creator of highly innovative and emotionally compelling software products.

From multi-award winning Ceremony of Innocence created for Peter Gabriel’s Real World, to Beethovenʼs Hair, and Time Tremors created with Xenophile Media, to his work with MIT and the Royal Shakespeare Company, Alex continues to lead creative, programming and technology teams to innovate category-defining projects across different delivery channels including web, mobile, location-specific, TV, game, book, theatre, film and performance form to make both educational and entertainment-led experiences.

Alex combines poetic and aesthetic approaches to user engagement in digital media that blend gameplay with magical worlds to create unique media-based experiences. Alex has also worked with internationally recognised artists such as Peter Greenway, Nick Bantock and Brian Froud.

Alex is focused on creating experiences that embrace user-generated content and social media as well as projects that span mobile, content management, communication and location-based experience. Building on these interests he co-founded Infinity Labs with Peter Gabriel in 2007, becoming a shareholder and creative director of theMemory and Gabble.

Alex enjoys a worldwide reputation for making inherently magical and memorable interactive experiences. He worked closely with Xenophile Media on the creation, development, financing and production of Time Tremors, a Emmy nominated transmedia project that includes four mobile apps, numerous websites and an international TV series. The award winning Time Tremors location based hunt is designed for museums and galleries such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, where he is currently showing a digital intervention art show called ReBlink, a mobile-based experience that refreshes and re-imagines the traditional gallery viewing experience.

Alex has presented his creative and strategic philosophies and work at countless international conferences, festivals, companies, universities, and research institutions. His work has been exhibited, taught and written about both by press and academic institutions worldwide and he is continuously asked to mentor the work of professionals and students around the world.

In 2017 Alex teamed up with Ian Kelso to co-found Impossible Things, a mixed reality company with a mission: to make imagination real.

2017-present Co-Founder and Creative Director of Impossible Things

Creatively overseeing development and production.

2011-2016 Creative Director at Xenophile Media

Creatively overseeing development and production.

2010- 2011 Creative Director at WeMuv

Kids’ interactive fitness startup.

2009- 2011 Independent Convergent Media Developer 

Creating and developing convergent media projects and consulting.

2007-2009 Creative Director and Co-founder of Infinity Labs

Originating and developing innovative 2.0 Web concepts.

2007-2009 Visiting Research Fellow, IFSW, University of Wales Newport, Wales

2005- 2007 Games Research Fellow, IFSW, University of Wales Newport, Wales

Creating a research group focused on game and interactive media that combines practice based research with theory. Originating new projects as well as continuing ongoing work.

2002-2004 Senior Researcher at Zero-Game Studio (Interactive Institute, Sweden)

Creating work that intends to push the creative boundaries of computer games and interactive media. Giving creative direction on all Zero- Game Projects as well as developing new projects.

2000-2002 Independent Game Designer ‘Dreamer’ (Brighton, UK)

Developing a game from scratch, script creation, functional specification and design documents, interactive demos, visualisation of worlds and development of strategies for a ‘transmedia’ experience.

1998-1999 Artist in Residence at National Film and Television School’s ‘Createc’ (Ealing Film Studios, London, UK)

Employed to be ‘artistically creative’ in a technological based research environment.

1994-1998 Real World Multimedia (Bath, UK)

Creative director and chief designer on Ceremony of Innocence. Also worked on other Peter Gabriel projects such as Eve.


2017 ‘Digital Narrative Reality in 360 ° ‘ Seminar  for PROMÉXICO, Mexico City

2017 ‘Reality Virtual Storytelling and Promotional Marketing ’ Seminar Conference for AMAPRO, Mexico City

2016 ‘Postcards from the Leading Edge: AR and VR’, OMDC’s Digital Dialogue, Toronto

2014 ‘Reaching Young Audiences through Film and Digital Media’, Panellist at Tiff Kids, Toronto

2014 The Many tales of Susanna Moodie’, Presentation and Panellist at the Pages Festival, Toronto

2012 Project Mentor and Workshops for Digital Futures Program at OCAD

2012 Extending the 360 Property into a Pervasive Experience’ Presentation and Panel Member at Merging Media conference, Vancouver

2012 Project Mentor at Pitch 360 Merging Media, Vancouver

2012 ‘Artistic Genius’ Keynote Presentation at the Multi-PlatFORUM 2012 in Regina, Canada

2012 Jury Member at Merging Media’s Transmedia Lab in Toronto, Canada

2010 ‘The Craft of Transmedia Writing’ Presentation for Television Animation Conference & Workshops at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in Canada

2010 Story Telling X.0 Panel in Toronto, Canada ‘Tomorrow is So Yesterday, How to Live in the Future Now’

2010 Presentation at the WorldWide Short Film Festival & Symposium ‘Shifting Landscapes: Successful Transmedia & Multiplatform Projects’

2009 Presentation and workshop for the  The Film Academy  in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

2007 Presentation for BTV, Bradford, UK.

2007 Presentation at The Research Forum at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth

2006 Presentation at  ‘The Creative and the Corporate’, A Lansdown Centre Symposium on the State of Interactive Media at Middlesex University.

2005 Presentation at the ‘Flash in the Can’ Festival in Toronto, Canada.

2005 Presentation and workshop for Hamar University in Norway on ‘Game Production and Tools’.

2004 Presentation and workshop for Hamar University in Norway on ‘Emotional Gaming’.

2004 Key note presentation at the ‘Games and Story Telling Conference’ at the Helsinki School of Art and Design, Finland.

2004 Presentation and workshop for the Crucible Research Studio, Finland.

2004 Presentation and workshop for Submarine’s Crossmedia Symposium and Workshop Amsterdam

2003 ‘Between Games and Art’ Lecture at HGO (Högskolan på Gotland), Sweden

2003 Two presentations at Adelaide International Film Festival, Australia.

2003 Presentation at ‘Crossover Australia’, South Australia.

2002 Presentation for Nesta Future Lab, Bristol UK.

2002 Presentation at the Canadian Film Center, Toronto Canada.

2002 Masterclass for Channel 4, London, UK

2002 ‘Creative Alchemy’ Masterclass for BAFTA’s, London, UK.

2002 Presentation at B-TV’s ‘Convergence Arts’ conference, Sheffield UK.

2001 Presentation at USC ‘Entertainment in an Interactive Age’, LA, USA.

1999 Dreamer presented at The Tate ‘The Allure of the Digital’, London, UK

1999 Presentation at ‘Interaction and Emotion’ Conference in Denmark.

1998 Presentation at the ‘Digital Story Telling Festival’, USA.

1998 Presentation at the Festival of New Cinema and New Media of Montreal, Canada.

1997 Workshop and presentation at ‘Opera Totale’, Venice, Italy.

1996 ‘The Artist Speaks’ address to the ELIA conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

1995 Key note presentation at the CILECT World Congress of Film Schools in Oaxaca, Mexico.

2014 International Emmy Nomination

  • Digital Program: Children & Young People

2014 iKids Award (Kid’s Screen)

  • Best Learning App

1998 OMNI Awards USA

  • Gold medal in Interactive Entertainment
  • Gold medal in Interactive Graphics


  • Overall Winner.


  • Gold in General Interest/Adult.
  • Award of Excellence in entertainment category, shared with Droidworks from Lucas Learning.
  • Best of Show out of all 7 categories, shared with X-Files from Hyperbole Studios.

1998 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards UK

  • Moving Images
  • Sound


  • Gold Medal for entertainment category.
  • Runner up for the overall prize

1997 EMMA  (European Multimedia Awards)

  • Winner of the General Interest category: Entertainment and Leisure.

1997 ATOM AWARDS, Australia

  • Gold ATOM – Best Product of the Year.
  • Most Creative/Innovative Multimedia Production of the year.
  • Best Multimedia Game of the year.
  • Most Entertaining Multimedia Production of the year.

1997 AIMIA AWARDS, Australia

  • Best sound composition & audio editing.


  • International Award of Excellence.


  • Award for the most outstanding work by a student.



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